Railway work, signalling & Trackwork

Railway work, signalling & Trackwork

Railway works

signalling & Trackwork

Our records are unblemished with commitment to excellent with services that channelled to renowned and recognisable Civil Contractors such as Rail Construction projects.


From industrial track to passenger rail, MARO can build it to exceed your expectations. Whether we are laying track through rural landscape or traversing city streets, rebuilding old track or constructing new, MARO is expert at installing top french barge cruise line even the most complex rail systems.

MARO uses state-of-the-art track construction equipment run by highly trained operators with many years of experience https://cpip.ro/workshop-opening-up-education/.

Construction-related services include: new track construction, engineering, emergency repairs and ongoing maintenance programs, track repair and rehabilitation, track removal, certified inspections, railroad welding, thermite welding, signal work sellhouse-asis, and design-build services.

Supply and Maintenance

Maro Rail manufactures metal fabrication and plastic moulding for rail equipment. Other types of supplies include:

Rail Equipment

Diversified construction equipment manufacturer specializing in high quality railroad construction

Rolling stock

Coaches and Vagons Refurbishment.


Signal poles, location/junction boxes, lineside cabinets complete with all accessories, masts, track circuit boxes etc.


Shifting / modification work of electrical utilities

Track Works

Fastenings, welding, glued insulated rail joints, turnouts and track sleepers.

Railway works